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The Faces of Foster Care

foster child janet
Janet, 15

When my parents went to jail, I just lost it. I have been in a group home for a year now and I am ready to go to a real family. I really want my own room and to be able to go to football games with my friends.

foster child scott
Scott, 6

My parents always yell at each other and never really even notice me! One day I got in trouble for taking some extra snacks at school. I was just hungry. That's when some workers came to my house. I wish my parents were more like my friend Jake's parents. They take him to the playground and he's always got really good food.

foster child tony
Tony, 13

My dad split when I was two and my mom got addicted to crack a few years ago. I tried to keep our family together but I am only 13! I didn't have money to pay the rent. I've been living in a shelter for the last 2 months and my worker keeps telling me, "Tony, we will find you a family." I really hope so.

foster child rebecca
Rebecca, 7

This bear is the only thing I have from my mom. She died a few months ago of cancer. I call my bear Hope. Maybe one day Hope and I will have a new home.

foster child marcus
Marcus, 15

My parents gave me to Social Services when I got into trouble a while back. I had these friends, well I thought they were friends, but I ended up stealing a car. I felt bad afterwards and brought it right back. My parents were embarrassed by what I had done and just left me. I've been in the state's hands ever since. I wonder if they even miss me.

foster child ginger
Ginger, 16

Everyone in my family tells me that college is for rich kids. None of them went and they turned out okay. I want to be the first to graduate from high school and go to college. I just need someone to help me!

foster child alisha
Alisha, 9

When I close my eyes real tight, I still see my mom happy and hugging me. She's not here anymore. I just want someone to hug me like that again.

foster child gina
Gina, 8

Sometimes I wonder if my parents even know I'm not there. I miss my stuff. I miss my favorite blanket and my dog, Buttons. People tell me things will get better but I just want to go home and see Buttons again.

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